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Home Fire Sprinkler Systems and PEX Tubing

The use of PEX offers an affordable alternative to other plumbing systems and makes the installation process significantly easier. PEX tubing is not susceptible to freezing, resists corrosion and less fittings are required.

PEX Pipe Pressure Rating & Fitting Equivalent Length

These charts with detail PEX pressure ratings can be used to help designing a plumbing system using non-barrier PEX tubing.

How To Work With PEX Tubing

Many plumbers believe that working with PEX tubing is simpler than using copper, PVC, or other common types of pipe. PEX connections don't require soldering or glue, and the tubing can easily be maneuvered through tight spaces.

Four Tips to Prevent Common PEX Tubing Problems

PEX tubing is easier and faster to install than most other types of plumbing pipe, which makes it a popular choice for beginning plumbers. However, if PEX pipe is incorrectly installed, leaks, kinks, and other common challenges can easily occur.

PEX vs. Copper - Comparing plumbing pipes

The main competition lies between PEX and copper and once you know the essentials, you will find it easy to get the best plumbing piping.

Re-piping Your House: The PEX Solution

If you are among those who regularly experience problems with your home pipes and want to get rid of it, then switch to Re-piping. You can go with partial or full plumbing re-piping and upgrade your home by using an effective solution like PEX.

Types of PEX tubing

PEX has proven to be a boon in the plumbing world. It is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and requires careful handling and managing. The tubing of PEX is categorized into different varieties/types, depending on its manufacturing or built-up. The different types of plumbing include – PEX-a, PEX-b, PEX-c, and PEX-AL-PEX.

Finding out if Copper Pipes Are Too Pricey?

Since few years, copper pipes are widely used for both, domestic and commercial purposes, in different forms. Homeowners and plumbers prefer copper pipes installation for homes, due to its best features and durability. As the pipes of copper are rigid and require a large labor, its installation is quite expensive. However, today, plumbers and home improvement specialists are seeking an effective alternative for copper and other polymer pipes.

Difference between PEX and PB (Polybutylene) pipes

PEX and Polybutylene pipes have many differences that make both of them, exceptional and one of their own kind. PB is basically made of a plastic resin material that was used for plumbing pipes because of its features, like flexibility, cost effectiveness, freeze resistance etc. Unfortunately, people have not accepted these pipes due to its weak features that cause them loss.

PEX vs PB pipes lose strength diagram

PEX & PB pipes like all other thermoplastic polymer pipes used in radiant heating system or cold/hot water plumbing system lose their strength pressure and tension with increasing temperature

Are There Hidden Dangers with PEX Plumbing?

PEX or Cross Linked Polyethylene pipes have become a trend setter from last few years. It is the major and foremost choice of the plumbers for both, remodeling projects and new constructions, as well.

How to Install PEX tubing?

PEX is basically a supple plastic pipe that is used for hot, cold indoor plumbing and for beaming floor heating. Installing a PEX is not as difficult as it seems, but a proper knowledge is essential.
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