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PEX Products

PEX Radiant Heating

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PEX Tubing for Radiant Heating, Geothermal and Solar systems Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing
High durable PEX Tubing with oxygen barrier layer for closed loop hydronic floor heating systems.

Potable Plumbing Re-piping with PEX Non-Barrier PEX Plumbing Pipe

Non-barrier PEX Plumbing Pipe is popular for use in residential plumbing applications.

PEX Radiant Heat Manifolds Radiant Heat Manifolds
PexMall.Com offers a broad variety of PEX Manifolds, from a stainless steel manifold to brass manifolds and accessories.

Plumbing PEX Manifolds
Copper PEX manifolds primarly use in hot/cold plumbing from SiouxChief
the leader of  innovative plumbing products.
PEX fittings Crimp PEX Fittings
These PEX Fittings for the floor heating are specially designed be easy to assemble with PEX Ring.

PEX brass crimp fittings
Lead-Free PEX Fittings
Our company offer a most popular sizes of Lead-Free Brass Crimp PEX Fittings for PEX plumbing.
heat plates for pex tubing
PEX Heat Transfer Plates
Heat Transfer Plates made from Aluminium for use with hydronic radiant heating systems.

PEX tools
PEX Plumbing Tools
Comprehensive selection of PEX Plumbing Tools for the professional PEX installation.
PEX crimp tools PEX Tools
Browse our quality PEX Tools, including PEX Cutters, PEX Crimp Tools and Kits.

pex installation accessesories PEX Installation Accesesories
Get all the PEX Installation Accessories you need at this category.

About PEX

Cross-linked polyethylene is more commonly known as PEX. This type of plastic tubing (PEX) is created from high density polyethylene, commonly referred to as HDPE. The high density polyethylene undergoes a melting process and then it is subjected to extrusion.


Europeans have been installing PEX systems for over three decades, in the USA they have been utilising this type of pipework for between ten and fifteen years. PEX has become so popular because the piping is easy to install, fairly inexpensive and it is reliable. PEX piping offers great flexibility and it wears well in extremely low temperatures. CVPC and copper piping tends to cost far more than the polyethylene tubing and being less flexible than PEX tubing, it is harder to work with too.

Different types of PEX

PEX-a, PEX-b, PEX-c. Each of the three grades is made in a different way.

•    PEX-a is the most durable and the most uniform of the three grades, it is made using a process known as the Engel method.
•    PEX-b is manufactured using a process called the Silane method. When PEX-b has been installed it has the same properties as PEX-a.
•    PEX-c is manufactured in a reasonably environmentally friendly way, the manufacturing process involves the use of an electronic beam.

Utilising PEX

PEX can withstand high temperatures, as high as two hundred degrees. This makes the tubing ideal for using in conjunction with radiant or hydronic heat systems such as underfloor heating. Copper tubing has always been popular but PEX popularity continues to grow due to is flexibility.
PEX piping is made in two colours, red tubing for hot lines and blue piping for cold lines. Ferrous system parts are prone to rust but PEX piping has an inbuilt oxygen barrier to ward off rust. Large piping has become more popular since tools and fittings have become easy to access but the tubing is available in the following sizes - one quarter inch to four inch.

PEX piping can be utilised underground, this makes the piping a highly attractive proposition. Coils of PEX can be as small as one hundred feet long or as large as one thousand feet long. Straight lengths of the tubing range between ten and twenty feet in length.

It is not uncommon to see a manifold added to the PEX structure, the manifold functions as the centrepiece and all of the PEX lines run into that manifold.
If a manifold is integrated into a radiant heat system then this is the point where all loops meet.

Many plumbing systems  have what is commonly referred to as a "Home Run system", in general this is the central manifold or it could refer to numerous smaller manifolds running around the home.

PEX tool and fitting systems incorporate expanders, presses, clamps, crimps, and lastly compression. The crimp or the clamp are the most popular fitting tool used, this entails using copper crimp rings with barbed fittings and clamps that are made from stainless steel.

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