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We were very satisfied with the shipping, customer service and quality of PEX plumbing products, and will recommend PexMall to all professionals. –  BestRatesPlumbing‎, North Carolina


This is the my third time when I have used your website with complete satisfaction.–  David, Rhode Island

Great manifold. I have had my pex manifold for 3 years, no trouble at all. If you don't want to save money don't buy one. –  Matt Gross, Connecticut


Excellent customer service! Got the PEX-al-PEX in 3 days and it was 105 greens cheaper than a same pipe at Homedepot! Definitely recommend this store to professional plumbers and my friends! –  Gabriel Livingston, Louisiana


It was all smooth sailing, from the time I placed the order, to the shipment and the quality of the product that was delivered to me. I will certainly recommend your site to all my friends and acquaintances. It has been wonderful being a customer of Pexmall. –  Robert Nichols, Wilmington, DE


I have been buying from Pexmall for the last couple of months, and I must say, I am satisfy with the level of service. They have been very prompt and have shipped my Pex supplies I had requested for, right on time, within the date promised. I will definitely be buying from them again. – Patrick Wilson, Buffalo New York


The quality of PEX tubing is simply fantastic at Pexmall. I ordered a variety of supplies quite a few times, and never had a problem with any of the items. You guys have a very comprehensive collection of supplies, and if I ever need to buy supplies online again, you are the site I will be visiting. – Philip Owen, Ohio


Not only did you guys deliver my PEX well ahead of time, but you also sent me a little something extra, along with the package. That was such a lovely gesture, and honestly, when it comes to customer service, these are the things that count in my book! – Samuel Reyner, New Jersey


The first reason we decided to order from you, was because of the really low rates you were offering. But now, we have to add that fantastic customer service is your forte as well! I am definitely looking forward to the next purchase from your site. – Bill Mackenzie, Denver

Most sites I have purchased from till now, tend to overcharge me for shipping. Not you guys! I have always received whatever product I ordered, at the specified date, and without any extra unnecessary shipping charges included. – Benny Ronsen, Boston


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